Monday, December 15, 2008

Give-Away Winner & My New Favorite Book

Congratulations to Lauren of Hoosick Falls, NY!

Lauren- please email me your address and I will get to the post office to ship your print off.

Thank you to ALL who participated in the button print give-away! I loved reading all of your kind words and suggestions!

Also, I wanted to share this amazing book that I picked up the other day. It's published by Chronicle Books, one of my favorite companies! Craft Inc. by Meg Ilasco is a helpful little book for those of you like me...who know NOTHING when it comes to the business end of things. Besides having great examples from other people who have turned their craft into a business and step by step instructions on things like business plans & licenses, it's just plain pretty! Being that I'm in the publishing business, if a book doesn't feel good in my hands or have a good design base that intrigues me to read it, forget it! This book even leads you to great internet resources that come in super handy! If you're like me and you've got this gut feeling that you want to turn what you do for fun into what you do for money...this might be a great book for you too.

What are some of your favorite and inspiring craft, art or business books? If there's one I should know about, be sure to fill me in!


xoxo, collette said...

Thanks Jennifer! I think I'm going to pick up a copy to give me some good advice/insight.

And btw, I'm with you when it comes to books. The cover is what draws me in! =)

Ronnie said...

Hi JK,
This looks good. I can always use more info in this regard.
My fav is Turn Your Passion Into Profit. It was published in 2001 by Victoria magazine. Great book. Even includes printable forms for statements, contracts, press releases, balance sheet etc....really helpful. Also has examples of successful woman business owners.
I loved Victoria magazine. They made an extra effort to feature a woman entrepreneur each month. I don't think it's in circulation anymore.
Keep us up to date! Love all your great info and expertise.
Ronnie - in a small town in Georgia

Tanya said...

Art Marketing 101 is a pretty good book. Not as pretty as that one but informative.

karyn said...

Jennifer - that is a good book! It is perfectly targeted to exactly what we are doing which I have never been able to find in a "small business" book. And you're right, it does feel good in your hands!

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