Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Sketches, Website, Paintings and Finds

NOW THAT I've accomplished more of the 'technical' end of a website I'm designing (which I'll be sharing more about on February 9th), I've had some time to get back into sketches and new paintings:

I'm excited with where this bird sketch is going.

And this is a snippet of a new painting I started for my living/dining room.

Which will go in here above my couch:

And when I was digging around in my studio, I found the long lost old-school 35mm camera. :)


xoxo, collette said...

Awesome!!! I love looking at your work... they bring sunshine to my rainy days!

Hope all is well with you... from what it looks like, you're on your way to doing even BIGGER things! Take care!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thanks Collette. Always a treat to hear from you. Thank you for inspiring me to continue moving forward :)

Ronnie said...

You are a go getter. Looking forward to the hearthandmade interview. Do you know when?
Also looking forward to Monday and the new website.
Pretty birds too.
I'm excited for you.

jean benabou said...

Love your little birds!

Stephanie said...

Bird are adorable. Apartment looks like its coming along just beautifully. Camera brings back some old college memories!

I miss you girl!

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