Sunday, February 22, 2009

Studio Sunday, New Art & Pink Envy

I've gotten so much done today. Above is a section of the finished piece called Transformation.
Next on my list - find a printer to produce it. When it's printed, I'll show you the whole thing and also have prints available.

I'm on a 'heart' kick lately if you haven't noticed. Here's part of a new sketch:

I'm actually surprised with how fast I've been able to create some of the things that I've been meaning to get around to. I think I've finally gotten past the part of me that says, "You don't have enough time to draw that". I'm able to accomplish much more when I set away a certain amount of time to get things created. When it's all said and done, 2 Sunday sessions and I'm able to crank some serious work out.

On a side note, I've always wanted a pink room...and a chandelier. So what do you do when you're not an electrician and you're renting? You paint one. I ran to Michaels and bought every shade of pink paint I could possibly find and went to work. I intend to hang it above my bed.

I draw the shapes in Illustrator, print it, then use a projector to get the image on the canvas and paint away. It's going to be part of a grouping that sort of looks like this (I use the computer alot just to plan out shapes and balance and give myself a general feel for what I'm going for):

Happy Sunday.
Off to clean up the studio.


Alex. said...

Love seeing the sketches! And I love using Photoshop for planning things out too = so much easier.

I hope you find a great printer! Mine has me tearing my hair out. He takes SO long to get things right. And then forgets other things... Yet I've invested so much money with him now that it would be silly to start from scratch again with someone else. Grrr...

You're very good cleaning up your studio, too. I keep SAYING I'll do that on a Sunday afternoon. And now it's Monday morning. Whoops!

f2images said...

Very cool, Jennifer! If you need printer ideas, let me know!

Emiko ;)

Jennifer Katherine said...

Ooooh yes, please do tell!

Stephanie said...

HAVE I MENTIONED THAT YOU ARE SUPER INSPIRING! love the pink and red. you know me!

karyn said...

Your hearts are very cool and I love the chandelier! I had a friend who once had a pink kitchen - she even had the pink kitchen aid appliances!

Ronnie said...

Go JK!
Bio heart is wonderful. Love that stitching thing you've got going on. And more stitching on your heart sketch. One gets the drift you may be doing some heart repair!
As for your faux chandelier... Perfection!
I designed a line of multi layered stenciled back when you were just a girl. Had them laser cut. Good to see stencils having a revival!
I'm also shopping for a GOOD art printer! Give us the info f2images!
See you next Sunday, J. I'm looking forward to your prints.

Jennifer Katherine said...

First off - Thank you!

Second - What kind of a place to you look for to have something laser cut? I've seen some stuff that says it's laser cut on Etsy and I was super curious! I'd love to look into some of that.

And as far as the advice from f2images - one place she recommends is where they have various papers and pricing is best if you're doing editions of prints to stock up on.

Ronnie said...
She has a big ole laser cutter and will do your custom work. Do your design on your computer and her laser cutter will read it and cut it up!

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