Sunday, February 15, 2009

Studio Sunday

Studio Sunday = the day I draw all day.
Today I felt a great need to get my tremendous growth in faith on paper. I drew a heart that is being radically changed through love, growth and trials.

First I sketch, then I add ink, scan the image in, and then......add color. Or not? I spent most of the day beginning to add color, but I'm torn because I really just love the way the line drawing looks.

Hmmm, maybe a version of both - one color, one line art? I know I only give you peeks of the color version. It's not finished yet!

So, which direction do you vote for? Color or just plain line art?


Grandma G said...

Your peeks of color look great so far! I always appreciate color more than just lines or black and white.

xoxo, collette said...

Either way... I love your work either way. Color & no-color. You're work is simply amazing! =)

Ronnie said...

Color it, baby! I love the interest and intrigue it adds with this mottled technique, painting outside the lines look. Love it.
You got it going on, Jennifer! What a productive Sunday.

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thanks for your opinions!

I am finding the color against the plain white background pretty striking. The contrast between the splashes of color and the clean, white negative space is something my mom does with her watercolors and I've always been inspired by it.

Stephanie said...

What about merging the two ideas....have a black and white heart (or a section of the piece) morphing into a beautifully colored growth. It can reflect exactly how you were feeling when you drew the piece!

By the way I love it's organic look! It's gorgeous! I love Studio Sunday can we see more ;)

Jennifer Katherine said...

How alike are we!? I had that thought too. I figure I'll probably create a few versions to see what I like best. That's the charm of photoshop.

Yeah,...Studio Sunday...I should maybe make that a regular Sunday post, huh?

Candied Fabrics said...

I love the look of lines over color - something it took quite awhile to figure out as I'm a quilter! Now I START with color and make dark sketchy lines on top of the color with my sewing machine!

Love what you're doing here!

lori vliegen said...

i love the technique that you're using having the color extend beyond the lines....very nice!! :)

Julia Denos said...

ooo i love your color palette here, and on your blog too! it's so fresh.
thanks for dropping by my bloggie ;)

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