Sunday, March 15, 2009

Creature Feature & The Yarn House

BUTTON EYES and simple, child-like shapes. The start of yet another new project. Welcome to Creature Feature:

Sneek peeks of Lily Lamb

& Lola Lettuce.

These are just two of many which will begin in illustration form and end in fabulous fabric.


AND! This Singer sewing machine that my Joey found for a piddly $25 dollars at a store going out of business.

Okay, it does have it's quirks, but after thinking about it, it's quirkiness may be just the ticket I needed. Part of my new line of work lends itself to being 'unperfect' on purpose.


Yesterday, my friend Dee asked me to check out this this quaint, little shop called

in Elm Grove. In the back of this little cottage, a wise woman in her 80's sits and teaches free crochet
classes on Saturdays. 6 of us gathered around to share stories and learn a new craft.

After all was said and done, I'm afraid I'm not a fabulous crocheter. The atmosphere alone, which was filled to the brim with stacks and stacks of yarn, card catalogs stuffed with crochet hooks and knitting needles, followed by rows of vintage buttons was...

to say the least... candy for the eye. I only wish I had brought my camera. Passing crocheting on from one generation to the next was never sweeter.


Alex. said...

Love those creatures. So much character!!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thank You! I like making them because I don't have to be precise. They just are what they are. :)

Ronnie said...

Good luck with the "new" Singer.
Looking forward to seeing your flat designs in 3D. Very nice AND different!
Enjoyed your side trip as well.

Stephanie said...

Fabric! Yummy! Love the new artwork....different subject for you but very much your style! I want to see something you make or add details to with that sewing machine!

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