Sunday, March 1, 2009

Studio Sunday #3

A BIT MORE progress on the stitching heart:
I *love, love, love* where it's going.

Also! I think I've finally figured out a new style that I'd like to try. I've always been really heavy on outlines in my illustrations, but now I'd like to try something new. Here's a sneak peek at
some raindrop detail in a new piece with the new style:

Many people have been asking about the progress of my shop. Right now, my main focus is to continue creating new work. Developing a site takes alot of time and I just haven't had time to focus on that right now. I've been considering offering some prints through PayPal right on my blog.

But for now,... the sunshine is out! Off to Alterra by the lake for an afternoon of coffee-sipping!


Heather said...

I really love your art & your style. I absolutely adore the stitching heart. You have fantastic gifts, thanks for sharing them publicly!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thanks! I love adding the stitch marks to my art - I don't know why!

f2images said...

Sounds like a theraputic day! Love the stitching heart.

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