Sunday, August 16, 2009


X-acto Knife
Spray Adhesive
Hot Glue Gun (optional)
Clips to hold fabric in place while it dries

STEP 1: Purchase fabric that you'd like to use to re-cover the old lampshade.

STEP 2: Carefully remove the fabric from the old lampshade with an x-ato knife. I used the tip of the knife to get the fabric loose from the shade and then gently tore the fabric away from the shade.

STEP 3: Lay the shade on your new fabric and use it as a guide for how much fabric to cut. I cut enough fabric so that it would have an extra .5'' on the top and bottom of the shade.

STEP 4, 5 & 6: After you trim your fabric, I ironed mine to make sure that there were no wrinkles. Spray the backside of the fabric with a spray adhesive and then slowly and gently wrap the fabric around the shade. Smooth out any bumps in the fabric as you go and when you're happy, use some small clamps (or in my case, small clothes pins) to hold your fabric in place as it sets.

OPTIONAL STEP: I found some matching ribbon to hot glue around the top and bottom of the shade to give it a finished, trimmed look.

STEP 7: Light your world - step back and admire your masterpiece.

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