Monday, September 7, 2009

Rain Clouds & Buttons

LABOR DAY, SCHMAYBORDAY. Instead of relaxing on this day off, I took the opportunity to create 2 new paintings for the upcoming Gathering Room Gallery Night. I'm really excited about these guys and wanted to give you a sneak peek:

I think I've made the general conclusion that paintings are just plain better with buttons and stitching. Come see them in person at the show on October 17th. Save the date!

I even managed to get 20 handmade cards finished today. Aren't they cute? Okay, so I admit it: I am a *button freak*. Yes, I'm obsessed with buttons. Yes, I buy buttons every time I go into a craft store and yes, I fully confess I'm distracted by shiny things and put buttons on EVERYTHING. But seriously... can a girl help it?


kayla said...

LOVE those canvases!

they are so cute and beutiful colors!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thanks Kayla!
They are so much fun to make!

Nora said...

wow! glad and lucky to somehow got directed to yr blog! I love all yr work! You are so creative Jennifer!

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