Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pink and Brown Bedroom

WITH $9 for paint and my new pink quilt I made as inspiration, I've transformed my once white and barren room, to this lovely haven:

I've finally taken the time to push aside life and make my dream room come true. Being a renter, there's only so much you can do when it comes to interior decorating. But with a little maneuvering, I got the landlord to let me paint. I figure if I'm ever gonna have a pink and brown room, I better do it now. Here's the breakdown:

Marshalls: (The go to place for everything you didn't know you needed) - Magenta peonies flowers (my favorite), white circular mirror and white and magenta polka dot pillows.

Target: Brown quilted coverlet, pink polka dot sheets, glass lamp and shade.

HSN: Brown tufted headboard. Okay, so this was something I already had for the room. But still, I got this amazing chocolate velvet headboard for a steal when I happened to flip past this channel one night.

Home Depot: A quart of 'shy blush' pink paint.

Grand total: Just under $250. But really, it's priceless to me. All I know is... I had yet to make a place in my apartment where I could just 'be'. And now that I have one, my only regret is not doing it sooner. I know, I know.... pink and brown isn't for everyone. But to me, I've finally got my quiet oasis where I can relax and feel cozy for a good read or just some quiet time.

Where are your favorite places to get away for some 'you' time?

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Ashesela said...

What a fantastic room! That really looks live a lovely place to read and relax.

I really like the living room in my boyfriend's and my appartment. It is a slightly Japanese style room. If I had my own bedroom (we are in a one bedroom apt) I'd probably decorate it with lots of light blue and silver! :D

Seriously though, your room looks so cozy! I like how the pink and brown goes together.

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